We offer superb floor and cleaning services! The first thing people notice when they walk into a facility is the cleanliness and shine of the flooring. A clean floor sends a strong message to all who enter.  Whether it’s employees, clients, patients, vendors, business associates or family who walk into your facility, it’s vital to have floors that sparkle and shine all year long.  When a floor appears to be dirty, dull or dingy, it’s usually an indication that the floor is in need of refinishing.

Why Choose Us for Floor Care Cleaning in Florida

LUA recognizes this need and devotes a team of staff members to help clients achieve and maintain clean floors.  We recommend a floor care plan that includes consistent, periodic floor scrubbing, stripping and waxing.  For hard floor surfaces that do not require wax, scrubbing and buffing may be recommended.  Whatever type of floor care is required, LUA’s team of floor care experts can provide it.

Type of Floors We Service:

LUA's Staff are experts at servicing all types of floors, especially:

  • Marble

  • Granite

  • Vinyl tiles

  • Ceramics

  • Quarry

  • Terrazzo

Our Services — What to Expect

We Serve Everyone, Our equipment is suitable for narrow and vast open spaces and for all sizes of tiles and floors. Tiles of different industries and homes suffer different kinds of deterioration. We have the capability to restore all types of damage and restoring your tiles’ luminescence.

We understand that nursing homes, supermarkets, shopping centers, etc. have heavy traffic and hence, their tiles are most grazed. And the brand of these commercial spaces is highly accentuated by their tiles. Our floor stripping and waxing services help our customers maintain their image.

The waxed and stripped floors are glossy, but not slippery; stable, durable and nick resistant, but not discolored. The transformation from yellow scratched tiles to shiny ones is so evident that you feel you’ve just installed new tiles. We are available 24x7, can provide services when you are busy working or even when your shops are shut for customers.


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